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My New Honey…My Highest Priority Mission

Steve Pohlit’s New Honey Will Love The Ride

In business and life I have learned and now coach using  the following success formula

Set a very specific and measurable  goal

Develop a game plan for achieving the goal

Implement the action plan

Adjust the action plan based on new information

  Be prepared for the unexpected 


The Goal of The My New Honey Mission….Attract the woman who is dreaming of me and I of her.

I have included a lot of detail here. I would like you to know this  is about accelerating  my expansion as and the lady that becomes My New Honey and I become her’s. I feel that I am intended to move forward as one part of a couple. I have been there before and I have learned alot about what I feel will work. I will know and she will know as we both will experience  a  physical, spiritual and  intellectual  “spark”  We will love being with each other and we will  know we are with each other even when we are physically apart.

What I Bring To This Amazing Relationship

One: I Bring Lots of Love 

I love to be in love and I will be in love with My New Honey. She will know it …she will see it in my eyes…she will feel it. I will see and feel the energy of her love in return.   It is important you read all the information at this site so  you will absolutely understand the My New Honey mission is much greater than a fleeting romance.  The My New Honey mission is all about being in a LTR and actually I am very open to being married again as long as you agree to being married in Vegas by Elvis.

Two: Rock Solid Core Spiritual Values

The small number of long term relationships I have had in my life and several other shorter term ones have all prepared me for My New Honey. I have learned

1. I am responsible….in the past I placed alot of blame on external circumstances or on how the other person acts, talks etc. Now my focus is on how can I be an increasing better person. I know My New Honey will naturally be in alignment with who I am and I in alignment with who she is. I have no desire to change anything.  When I meet someone and I begin to think …we’ll if she would only…..then I know she is not My New Honey.  I am absolutely passionate about complimenting her dreams and desires. My New Honey has her own talents and  ambitions. We complement each other we are not clones.

2. I know and My New Honey knows Unconditional Love.  We know the difference between physical, human emotion love  and Oneness…Unconditional Love. We both know we are One on the physical and spiritual plane. That knowing results in no insecurities or jealousy.

I am a member of First Unity of St. Petersburg.  My travel schedule means I am not quite as active as I once was. I will be active again in the future. I love the non-denominational foundation of New Thought organizations including Unity and Church of Religious Science.

More About Me…

You are invited to visit the About Page  and Relevant Facts..Interests  I encourage you to read the post  A Very Special Poem

About My New Honey

First please understand nothing is cast in stone.  The profiles of the women who have shared my life are very different…professionally, physically and spiritually. However, I am not with any of them. My intent for this section is outline what I feel is most likely to result in a relationship described in A Very Special Poem

Spiritual: My New Honey is in alignment with my values and beliefs.  She may have grown up in a traditional religion. I am a recovering Catholic. I went to Catholic grade school and high school. I was an alter boy. I respect the core values of many religions. My New Honey respects my views and I hers. I do believe the closer we are on our spiritual beliefs the closer we are.

Professional: My New Honey is educated and is a professional. She may be an entrepreneur, business owner,  real estate investor, doctor, lawyer other professional. Key point is she is intelligent and loves to know more about what I am doing and I will be seriously interested in what she is doing.

Political:  Conservative, Libertarian ….Candidly a Liberal is opposite of who I am .

Social: Since I travel a fair amount, I mostly enjoy dining out, quiet evenings watching a movie and enjoying each other. I enjoy social events as networking is a big part of what I do professionally. I would absolutely support My New Honey in attending events, social, charitable etc. I enjoy going to hockey games as I live in the home town of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I generally do not have the time to follow most sports.  I love music and have attended many concerts in the past when I could do that with a person I cared about. I have enjoyed dancing and would love to do more of it.

Health: I am very healthy I eat mostly fruits vegetables chicken and fish. ….mostly. I am within 15 pounds of my ideal long distance running weight. I will get there and stay there. I am happy with that. Me being happy with myself is key for me treating My New Honey as My Queen.

Listening/Remembering: I am very good at this. My coaching success is directly related to how well I listen and remember. My New Honey can  count on me paying attention to her and most of what she says to me. Yes their will be times I am not paying attention.

Family: I love and respect my family as do most people I know.  I currently  live on average over 1000 miles from my closest family members including my daughter. I feel my relationship with my daughter is as strong as ever. I intend to be able to spend a lot more time with her in person when she graduates from Veterinary medicine school. I am in alignment with family being a priority. At the same time the relationship between a man and woman and specifically between me and  My New Honey is of the highest priority and  importance. This does not diminish the importance of family, career, friends. It simply means, My New Honey already understands what I am saying here.

Children: My daughter is 27.  It is entirely possible My New Honey will want children. Let’s start that action now 🙂 Seriously I will be here alot longer and I am open to that idea. Does that mean that is a requirement ? Of course not. I am open and in the meantime if she has children I  honor her love for her children and I already know My New Honey honors my love for my daughter.

Physical: We know about “the spark” it is very real and hard to describe. We just know it when it happens.   None of us have perfect bodies and I am not caught up on specific body parts.  Do I have a preference? Am I a breathing energetic male?  Yes and Yes. I do like tall ladies. Overweight by more than 5 – 15 pounds depending on height is not attractive for me. Hair color…don’t care….red blonde is very noticeable . I have been very attracted to women who are not red or blonde. Bust size …well yes…small medium large …all are fine. Are you Asian, Native American, Hispanic,  Indian, Russian, African American who is confident intelligent very attractive and not overweight …do you see I am not able to pinpoint this and do you see I am wide open for the person ….there will need to be “the spark”

Have I Caught Your Interest

Great …you see the time I have invested in offering information about me including a number of pics (videos coming soon) Send me an email Click Here …share with me what you would like. I am a visual person so pics are essential and current ones as mine are. Now if you are convinced you are perfect for me, just call 727=587-7871 and yes you will likely get my voice mail …most people do as I am on the phone alot.  This is a serious mission for me so if you feel the energy flowing please let’s see what happens.

If you have read this far….Thank You


PS If  you are thinking “I know the perfect person for this man”  please send the link to her!