Steve Pohlit Speaking At High Point NC

My home town is Johnstown Pa


High School: Bishop McCort
College: Clarion State University
Advanced: MBA Xavier University
Professional: CPA

My detailed resume is at

My home today is Largo, Florida which is about 30 minutes West of the Tampa Airport and 20 Minutes East of  the Gulf Beaches where you will find me running when I am in town. I am very flexible as to where I live. It is important for me to be near a major airport and be in mainland USA …that leaves a lot of possibilities.


70% of my time is currently allocated to coaching. That time includes travel which I do 3 out of 4 weeks. My travel usually means leaving on Tuesday and returning Thursday evening. There are exceptions when I am gone for 5 or 6 days at a time. That seems to happen about 4 or 5 times a year. My New Honey may want to join me on some of these trips if her schedule permits. I certainly would love it is she were able to do that.

The remainder of my time is allocated to growing my real estate investment firm and several online ventures including Manifest Mastermind and Health Rewards Now

As soon as possible I will be scaling back my coaching work to where it represents closer to 30% of my time. However, my travel is like not to change that much since I expect to do more related to the real estate investment business.


I have been married twice. My only daughter is from my first marriage. My daughter is the shining star of my life. She currently is in her third year of Veterinary Medicine School I have also been in one long term relationship…13 years.  I left my first marriage.  In the others, the women left me.  I am on good terms with both my former wives. I am not in contact with the person who I was not married to. Currently I am not dating anyone.