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Your New Honey

My New Honey is a revolutionary way of discovering the person who is absolutely perfect for you. This is not about filling out questionnaires and have a computer match you. My New Honey focuses on your authentic self and attracting that person who is perfect for you. This is brand new and I do not have the systems in place to demonstrate the value of this approach and I do not yet have any success stories. The first success story I am creating is my own. However, yours could be one of the first ones.

I feel this is going to be enormously successful for me and for you for now please register for updated information at the right and please email me your comments and suggestions as to what will work best for you. Right now I am thinking I will replicate this site for each person then have an index with a brief description so you can browse who is interested in finding their new honey. For example one way of doing this is for you to have your own site like this one and the URL for example could be Then I would have an index page of women for men and men for women with some categories like age group and location. This would be very manual at the start and there would be a fee to cover the time and hosting.

Note the big difference is in the detail of what the person provides and there is no automated matching. Since it is manually set up at this time all content will be reviewed and while this is a service for adults, content beyond R rated will not be posted. I may at a later date add a Xrated version and for now no alternative lifestyle posts are being accepted. Again your ideas are very welcome because I want this to work for you. Will it work? I have no idea and again I am setting this up to work for me and as with everything I do I am sharing the idea.

Thank you and God Bless you and all .